BFLA Authors in Best of 2014 Lists

John Boyne's (THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PYJAMAS) top books of 2014

John Boyne's (THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PYJAMAS) top books of 2014



It’s that time of year again when various media outlets release their ‘Best of’ lists, and we’re extremely proud that our authors have been included in a few of them. Below is a summary of the great places they were included and the great quotes that accompanied their pick.


HEAP HOUSE_front.png


HEAP HOUSE by Edward Carey

New York Times Notable Children’s Books of 2014:

‘a dark and wildly original urban fantasy tale.’

Kirkus Reviews Best Teen Books of 2014:

‘Magnificently creepy… Deliciously macabre’

Publisher’s Weekly Best Books of 2014:

‘Carey in a style reminiscent of Peake’s own, should appeal to ambitious readers seeking richly imagined and more-than-a-little-sinister fantasy.’ Reviewer’s Choice – the best books of 2014:

‘A desperately clever exploration of class and an indictment of late capitalist modernity, I can’t recommend this book enough.’


ANY OTHER MOUTH by Anneliese Mackintosh

List Top Scottish books of 2014:

‘cracking… a hot debut… tak[ing] on everything from grief, alcoholism and mental health to gang rape’

John Lister-Kay in The Scotsman’s Leading Scots’ top books of 2014:

‘The pain, the redemption, and above all the humour. This blend of fact and fiction will move you to tears.’ 

Herald Scotland Books of the Year 2014:

‘skilful, deft writing and a brutally honest insight into grief, mental illness and much more.’

Global Civilian's Best Books of 2014

‘Among the most important debuts of the year… by turns funny, affecting, heartening and strange, this is a hugely impressive first book.’ 



Kirkus Reviews Best Childrens’ Books of 2014:

‘Heaps of mystery, dry humor and tweed abound in this exemplar of crime fiction à la Doyle.’




THE THRILL OF IT ALL by Joseph O’Connor

Colm Toibin in The Observer – Writers choose their best books of 2014:

‘THE THRILL OF IT ALL uses layered narrative textures with both serious skill and engaging lightness so that the core drama emerges with clarity and wit.



Victoria Bateman and Emma Rees in Times Higher Education Books of 2014

'shifts attention away from professional women to those desperately scratching out a living elsewhere in society... This is a call to action.' - Victoria Bateman

'a marvellous ally, especially on those not infrequent days when the internet is a hostile, misogynist place.' - Emma Rees






Neel Mukherjee in The Irish Times Books of the Year:

‘It can be read as Vladislavic’s homage to Nabokov’s Pale Fire and is as imaginatively wild, as brilliantly conceived and written.’




BITTER EDEN by Tatamkhulu Afrika

NPR Best Books of 2014:

‘as beautiful as it is heartbreaking’





SERIOUS MEN by Manu Joseph

Zoe Heller in  New York Times Book Review Best book you read this year:

‘a witty arrogance and a weirdness… the funniest, most stylish book I’ve read this year.’


DIVIDED LIVES by Lyndall Gordon

Lin Sampson in Sunday Times 2014 best reads:

'layered and insightful.'

Included in Guardian's Best Biographies and Memoirs 2014




WEEPING WATERS by Karin Brynard

William Saunderson-Meyer in Sunday Times 2014 best reads:

'brimming with authenticity... with the translation beautifully done by Isobel Dixon and Maya Fowler. Unforgettable'



FALSE RIVER by Dominique Botha

Lin Sampson and Hamilton Wende in Sunday Times 2014 best reads:

'Beautiful, elegiac prose... touch[es] the heart of our constantly shifting identities, of sadness, memory and hope, of our place in nature, family and history.' - Hamilton Wende

'funny, sad and lyrical' - Lin Sampson



THE FOLLY by Ivan Vladislavic

Damon Galgut inThe New Indian Express Discovering Old Gems

'bafflingly under appreciated... immaculately-written.. a clever and elegant book that lodges in the mind like a dart.'