St. Martin's pre-empts de Courcy's THE HUSBAND HUNTERS

Charles Spicer of St. Martin's has pre-empted US rights in THE HUSBAND HUNTERS: Social Climbing in London and New York, by bestselling biographer and historian Anne de Courcy. Described as ‘the real Downton Abbey story’, Anne de Courcy’s latest work tells of the wealthy American heiresses who came to England to marry impoverished aristocrats, so they could gain titles, and the titled could boost their dwindling coffers and save their threatened estates. Charlie Spicer snapped up THE HUSBAND HUNTERS from de Courcy’s agent, Isobel Dixon at Blake Friedmann, and will publish in 2018. Alan Samson of Weidenfeld will publish in the UK in June 2017.

Charles Spicer of St. Martin's says: ‘The minute I read Anne de Courcy's brilliantly researched and witty THE HUSBAND HUNTERS which brings to vivid life the world of Downton Abbey on both sides of the Atlantic, I knew I had to bring it to an American market.’

Anne de Courcy says: ‘I had great fun writing THE HUSBAND HUNTERS, which led me into all sorts of unexplored byways – the most fascinating of which, perhaps, was the realisation that while British nineteenth century society was patriarchal, in that the needs of the male came first every time, contemporary American high society was the opposite – run by women, for women. The care and dedication with which Weidenfeld & Nicolson treat books are rare and important qualities, and I’m thrilled that they are now joined by Charlie Spicer and St. Martin's, who will bring it to a wider US readership. I’m happy that THE HUSBAND HUNTERS is safe in such good transatlantic hands.’

Isobel Dixon says: ‘Anne de Courcy’s meticulous first-hand research and sparkling storytelling make for a richly entertaining group biography that will win her many more fans both sides of the Atlantic. Charlie Spicer has long been an admirer of Anne’s work and I’m delighted that St Martins are joining Weidenfeld & Nicolson in publishing THE HUSBAND HUNTERS now.’

 Anne de Courcy is a best-selling biographer, acclaimed for her first-hand research and engaging books which not only tell the stories of her subjects’ lives, but vividly depict the social history of the period. Her biographies, all of which have been serialised, include THE VICEROY’S DAUGHTERS, DIANA MOSLEY, DEBS AT WAR and SNOWDON. THE FISHING FLEET spent many weeks on the Sunday Times bestseller list. Her most recent book, MARGOT AT WAR: LOVE AND BETRAYAL IN DOWNING STREET, 1912-1916 was shortlisted for the Paddy Power Political Book of the Year Award.


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Praise for Anne de Courcy:

 ‘Anne de Courcy combines the perseverance of a social historian with the panache of the novelist’ – The Times



‘…rich and exhilarating …’ – Lady Antonia Fraser, Mail on Sunday Critics’ Choice, Books of the Year 2012

‘A spirited, highly entertaining book... a sparkling collage of stories and quotations in which we hear the authentic voices of the women and girls she portrays, most of them natural, unaffected writers with sharp eyes, a gift for description and a sense of humour.... brilliantly researched, skilfully constructed and full of delights.– Anne Chisholm, The Daily Telegraph

 ‘Fascinating and evocatively told history’ Financial Times