Lyndall Gordon to feature in ITV’s Bronte sisters documentary

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Lyndall Gordon will feature on ITV's The Brilliant Bronte Sisters documentary, presented by Sheila Hancock, which sets out to debunk myths about the sisters' lives while examining the enduring appeal of their novels. Lyndall Gordon's biography CHARLOTTE BRONTE: A PASSIONATE LIFE is published in the UK by Virago.

Produced by Blakeway North for ITV Perspectives series, this captivating documentary is a Radio Times Recommendation and reveals Sheila Hancock's passion for the Brontë sisters, as she searches for answers about English Literature's most brilliant family: "How did three Victorian spinsters who spent most of their lives in a remote parsonage on the edge of the moors come to write books that I find shocking, erotic, profoundly moving and quite wonderful?"

In the programme, Lyndall Gordon discusses with Sheila Hancock the series of letters Charlotte Bronte wrote to her former teacher, Monsieur Heger, after leaving Brussels.

Lyndall says in the film of the letters, which are kept in the British Library in London: "They are probably the most important relics of Charlotte Bronte. They tell us about her feelings for a man who was her mentor at a crucial point in her life.

As well as her book on Charlotte Bronte, Lyndall Gordon has written acclaimed biographies of Henry James, T.S. Eliot, Virginia Woolf, Mary Wollstonecraft and Emily Dickinson, all published by Virago. LIVES LIKE LOADED GUNS: Emily Dickinson and her Family Feuds was nominated for the Duff Cooper Prize in 2011 and has also been published in the US by Viking and in Italy by Fazi.

Praise for Lyndall Gordon:

'Literary bloodhound and superbly eloquent chronicler.' -- Booklist
'Lyndall Gordon is a rare phenomenon: a biographer whose preoccupations and authorial career reveal a flowering towards imaginative truth.' -- Candia McWilliam, Herald
'Gordon is one of the best biographers writing today.' -- Catherine Hollis, Sacramento Book Review
'A gifted storyteller.' -- Carmela Ciuraru, Miami Herald
'Lyndall Gordon is known for the thoroughness of her research and meticulous attention to detail … a fine researcher's eye … an exceptional and unusual mind.' -- Janet van Eeden, The Witness