Roy Grace novels to be a specialist subject on TV quiz Mastermind


Ken Owen, a huge Peter James fan, will be appearing on the popular TV programme, Mastermind, and he has chosen the Roy Grace novels as his specialist subject. The programme will be broadcast in the UK on March 23, 2012.
The series began with DEAD SIMPLE, and has been hugely successful.  DEAD MAN'S GRIP, the 7th was a no 1 bestseller last year and Peter is now writing the eighth in the series, NOT DEAD YET which will be published by Macmillan in June 2012.  The series is published in 35 languages.

Praise for Peter James:

'Peter James is one of the best British crime writers, and therefore one of the best in the world.' -- Lee Child

'Roy Grace ... is fast becoming one of the more memorable coppers in modern crime fiction ... A first class police procedural.'  -- The Times

'Peter James is one of those writers whose work has found such a passionate multitude of readers that these days his books are repeatedly at the top of the bestseller lists. It's a tribute that is well deserved because not only are his novels meticulously plotted, they are also very well written ... James is a serious crime writer and the work he puts into researching his stories always pays dividends for his readers ... Good quality writing, a plausible narrative and no punches pulled has placed this author near the top of the current generation of crime authors.' -- The Daily Express