DISCOVERING SCARFOLK published in the UK by Ebury today

Do you remember the 1970s with a warm glow of nostalgia? Really? What’s wrong with you? Richard Littler’s utterly hilarious DISCOVERING SCARFOLK has escaped the time warp and is published today by Ebury in the UK.

Scarfolk is a town in North-West England that never progressed past 1979. DISCOVERING SCARFOLK is based on the astonishingly popular blog by Richard Littler – aka the Mayor of Scarfolk. With over a million views and great critical praise, the Scarfolk blog shot to prominence last year. The town has a similar tone to Royston Vasey in THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN, and has also been compared Lake Woebegon and Twin Peaks.

DISCOVERING SCARFOLK follows Dr. Ben Motte, who has discovered an archive of material compiled by Daniel Bush, a man looking for his young, blond, twin sons, who disappeared in Scarfolk in 1970. Daniel embarks on his mission to find his purported offspring, finding reams of Scarfolk council notices, pamphlets and publications, revealing more and more about the town. As he uncovers this material, so he grows to become increasingly suspicious of the Mayor and his constituents… And who is the mysterious shaggy beast who leaves a trail of paperclips behind at the scenes of various crimes? Has something gone awry in the already very wonky town of Scarfolk?

Richard Littler was born in Manchester and has lived in America, Russia, Germany and Ireland. A screenwriter with a decade of experience, he has sold several screenplays and treatments; a new feature project is currently in development in China.


Watch a trailer for the book below.

Praise for the Scarfolk blog:

“Brilliantly warped!” – The Independent

“Scarfolk is a triumph of psychogeography and pretty much what the internet was invented for, as far as I’m concerned.” –

"[The posts are] very funny, very clever and also they scare me a bit” – Warren Ellis

"Scarfolk: One visit is not enough" – Ian Rankin