Orion Signs Two More Essie Fox Novels


Orion has bought a further two novels by Essie Fox. Essie was recently shortlisted at the National Book Awards for New Writer of the Year for her debut novel THE SOMNAMBULIST, which was picked up by TV Book Club and optioned by Hat Trick Productions. It is also published by Castelvecchi in Italy and Damm in Sweden and sold to Bertrand in Brazil.

Essie Fox's second novel, ELIJAH'S MERMAID, published by Orion in November 2012 has also received glowing reviews. 

Her new novel THE GODDESS AND THE THIEF, which will be published in November 2013, tells the story of a young woman raised by a spiritualist medium and her involvement in a secret plot to steal one of India's sacred jewels: the priceless Koh-i-Nor diamond claimed by the British Empire at the end of the Anglo-Sikh wars.

Kate Mills says: 'She's a wonderfully talented author, drawing her readers into the shadows of Victorian London and weaving her stories seamlessly together with fascinating research. She has a unique and captivating voice, and we're delighted to have two further novels to look forward to.'

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Praise for Essie Fox:

'Essie Fox [is] a specialist on the Victorian Era.' -- BookOxygen
'Essie Fox's style is like the great writers of the Victorian era [such as] Wilkie Collins: flowing and full of subtleties of meaning.' -- Words and Pieces (blog)


'[ELIJAH'S MERMAID] delights in the underworld and the exotica of Victorian Britain... Memorable and unusual.' -- Nick Rennison, Sunday Times
'Dark secrets, hidden pasts and childhood mysteries are the focus in this sensual melodrama...an entertaining slice of Victoriana, rich in historical detail...a tale of obsessive love and betrayal.' -- Marie Claire Magazine


'Gothic Victorian tale of complicated thespian lives, old secrets and many a twist and turn. It's an absorbing easy read, well worth recommending.' -- The Bookseller
'Essie Fox's debut novel paints a vivid picture of Victorian Times.' -- The Star