Etienne Van Heerden’s new novel IN LOVE’S PLACE launched in the Karoo and Cape Town

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The Book Lounge will be hosting the launch event for IN LOVE'S PLACE, Etienne Van Heerden's latest novel in English, at 6pm on 21 August. He is also scheduled to feature at the Schreiner Karoo Writers' Festival at 2pm on 10 August, to talk with Tim Huisamen about the novel, which is partly set in Matjiesfontein in the Karoo.

A sweeping, ambitious novel of tangled histories, xenophobia and self-discovery in contemporary South Africa. IN LOVE'S PLACE intertwines two main stories in a stunning ensemble piece - Christian, a city slicker, drug-addled and paranoid and fast losing control of his life; his damaged, secretive wife; an old colonial hotel and a flock of highly-prized homing pigeons; an eccentric German violin teacher and her talented young pupil. And a violin, lost then found, which becomes the lynch-pin to the entire novel, connecting Christian's family with the colourful characters who work in the Lord Milner Hotel in Matjiesfontein, on the edge of the Great Karoo.

IN LOVE'S PLACE is translated by Leon de Kock and published by Penguin South Africa, who publish all Etienne van Heerden's novels in English. For more information, click here.

Click here for Etienne Van Heerden's website.

PRAISE for Etienne van Heerden

 'As writers like Marquez gave a rich artistic depth to South America - and Alasdair Gray defined the imaginative landscape of Scotland in Lanark - so Van Heerden has created an 'artistic map' of South Africa.' -- Mark Stanton, The Scotsman

'Etienne van Heerden's exploration of personal relations and private lives under the pressure of historical and political forces makes him an eloquent witness of profound social change.'  -- Andre Brink

'He combines popular readability with literary excellence and profound issues in a manner accomplished by few writers of any nationality.' -- Shaun de Waal, Mail and Guardian