Mulholland Books Reissue Entire Ted Allbeury Backlist

Hodder & Stoughton are happy to announce the publication of the complete backlist of bestselling thriller writer Ted Allbeury on the Mulholland UK imprint. BCN inc Can rights were acquired in 42 titles from Carole Blake of Blake Friedmann. 

Ted Allbeury was a lieutenant-colonel in the Intelligence Corps during World War II, and later a successful executive in the fields of marketing, advertising and radio. He began his writing career in the early 1970s and became well known for his espionage novels, but also published one highly praised general novel, THE CHOICE, and a short story collection, OTHER KINDS OF TREASON. His novels have been published in twenty-three languages. He died on 4th December 2005.

Editor Dominic Gribben said: ‘I’m thrilled that we’ll be making Ted’s work available again, both to his existing fans and to a new generation of thriller readers who have yet to discover him. He truly was a master of his craft.’

Contemporary and friend Len Deighton said: ‘When I say Ted Allbeury knows where the bodies are buried I mean it literally. Armed only with German conversational skills learned at the Berlitz School, he was the only Englishman dropped by parachute into Germany during the war. That he survived is a measure of his brains, skills and tough determination.

‘After the war he made many illegal border crossing until things went wrong and Ted was left in a German farmhouse with his hands nailed to a kitchen table. His own people found him before he bled to death; the other side know how to do these things. It was a warning and it worked: Ted retired and became a very fine writer. He had done enough.

‘A normally tacit man he said I had squeezed these memories out of him. Well, that's what research is all about - but this seems the right time to break my silence.”

EBook editions of A Choice of Enemies, Snowball, The Judas Factor, Palomino Blonde and The Special Collection will be published on November 14th. All forty-two will be available by mid-2014.

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