Michael A Walker's episode of CRITICAL airs tonight at 9pm on Sky 1

Groundbreaking medical series CRITICAL debuted on Sky 1 last month, and tonight's episode (Tues 7th April 2015) was written by Michael A. Walker. The series was created by Jed Mercurio (LINE OF DUTY, BODIES, CARDIAC ARREST) and has been hailed as one of the most realistic medical dramas ever made.

Each episode follows one patient's story in the trauma centre, presented in real-time during the hour immediately following their admission. This hour is acknowledged among medical staff as the 'golden hour', a vital time where the trauma team's actions and decisions can determine whether a critically ill patient lives or dies.

In this week's episode, a Mexican woman is brought in after a car crash, but unable to speak English and extremely agitated, she lashes out at anyone and everyone around her. The medics do their best, but it is only when they give her a CTU scan that they realise why she is so upset.

The series stars Lennie James, Neve McIntosh, Claire Skinner and Kimberley Nixon. Click here to find out more.