Eve Kalinik’s ground-breaking BE GOOD TO YOUR GUT published by Piatkus today


The first cookbook from nutritional therapist Eve Kalinik, BE GOOD TO YOUR GUT, is published today by Piatkus. The book is already a #1 Amazon bestseller in the Food Allergies category, and Eve’s work has attracted praise from Nick Barnard, founder of Rude Health, who calls Eve 'The most relevant and provocative nutritionist I've ever met'.

In BE GOOD TO YOUR GUT: The Ultimate Guide to Gut , nutritional therapist Eve Kalinik shows you the path to better digestion and reveals the far-reaching effects of good gut health - from a stronger immune system and balanced hormones to a greater resilience to stress and reduced inflammation.

The real work on getting your gut to be as healthy and happy as it can be starts with what you feed it. Eve's advice is complemented with over eighty enticing, nourishing recipes you'll want to eat over and over again, including Miso Cod with Wasabi Broccoli, Chocolate Chia Fudgy Pancakes, Matcha Banana Bread, Turmeric Chicken with Laksa Zoodles, Amandino Ice Cream and Happy Cow Burgers.

If you simply want to improve your gut health and overall wellbeing but don't know where to start, or you are looking for further insight into digestive conditions such as IBS, the advice in BE GOOD TO YOUR GUT will help you feel fantastic, and proves that being good to your gut is great for your taste buds, too.

BE GOOD TO YOUR GUT was serialised in Stella magazine this weekend, including recipes for a celeriac and sauerkraut rosti, cauliflower polenta and a matcha banana bread. Eve has also featured in Red magazine, talking about why it’s so important to look after your gut, and you can find more recipes in Psychologies Magazine and on Matchesfashion.com.

Eve is a BANT and CNHC registered Nutritional Therapist with a BA in Psychology. Following a 13 year career in fashion & editorial, Eve left the wonderfully crazy corporate world to follow a passion in all things naturopathic; being a true foodie, nutrition was the obvious path. Eve doesn’t believe in diets, but rather in an individually-tailored approach focused on eating beneficial and therapeutic foods for optimum health and wellness. Eve is a columnist for Psychologies and at Matches. She contributes regularly to newspapers and magazines, runs nutrition masterclasses and is a consultant for leading naturopathic brands. She has also contributed to books promoting health and wellness.

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Praise for Eve Kalinik:

'Each page oozes wisdom and insight, mirrored with realistic tips and advice on nurturing your digestive health' – Get the Gloss

'In a world of food fads, Eve's approach is grounded, sensible and do-able' –  Suzy Greaves, Editor, Psychologies

'Eve is smart and practical; her advice is spot on and her recipes are distinctive and easy to make' – Ian Marber, nutritional therapist and author

Build your mental fitness with THE MIND WORKOUT by Mark Freeman, published today!

It's well known that if you want to keep your body fit, you must do some regular exercise. But when it comes to our mental health, few of us take the time to maintain and improve it. Luckily today Piatkus publish THE MIND WORKOUT by Mark Freeman, a ground-breaking new method for improving your mental health and fitness in just Twenty Steps.

Developed as a result of Mark Freeman's own recovery from mental illness, THE MIND WORKOUT: TWENTY STEPS TO IMPROVE YOUR MENTAL HEALTH AND TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE combines mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). It outlines twenty easy-to-follow steps you can take to free yourself from the ways of thinking and behaving that cause mental health challenges in your life - from cutting out the compulsions that cause uncertainty, anxiety and distress to relieving stress and distraction.

THE MIND WORKOUT is the key to making the switch from a frenetic, anxiety-driven life to one that's based on your core values. It will leave you feeling mentally stronger, fitter and better equipped to navigate the complexities of everyday life.

THE MIND WORKOUT is also published in audiobook.

US rights to the book recently sold at auction to Carole Desanti at Penguin, who will publish in a new edition in 2018. Other rights are sold in German, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Serbian.

About the author

Mark Freeman is a mental health coach and human centered design workshop facilitator based in Toronto. He has taught Shakespeare's plays in Korea, tended gardens in Spain, filmed an Arabic-language documentary on youth employment in Cairo, and facilitated strategy workshops for executives at multiple Fortune 500 companies. After recovering from several mental illness diagnoses, he now focuses on leveraging technology and design to help others navigate the complex changes necessary to improve and maintain great mental health and fitness. He is the co-founder of the online mental health community, EVERYBODY HAS A BRAIN, and he is a Stanford Medicine X ePatient Scholar. His favourite past-times include sitting and breathing.