Kassabova, Joseph and Samarasan at Edinburgh World Writers’ Conference


Authors Kapka Kassabova, Manu Joseph and Preeta Samarasan are among 50 international authors taking part in the new Edinburgh World Writers' Conference beginning Friday, 17 August.

The Edinburgh World Writers' Conference brings international writers together to discuss the role of literature today. Fifty world renowned writers will join members of the public every afternoon at the Edinburgh International Book Festival from 17-21 August 2012 to discuss the five topics that almost brought writers to blows during the infamous Writers' Conference of 1962. Book tickets here online. After Edinburgh, the World Writers' Conference will go on to visit 15 different cities over 12 months, giving writers and readers in different countries the chance to add their voices to the growing debate about writing and its relationship to contemporary life.

For more on the Edinburgh World Writer's Conference see here.

See below for a full list of events:

Should Literature be Political?
Friday, 17 August 3pm

Style vs. Content
Saturday, 18 August 3pm

A National Literature?
Sunday, 19 August 3pm

Censorship Today
Monday, 20 August 3pm

The Future of the Novel
Tuesday, 21 August 3pm

See below for author events:

Kapka Kassabova
Friday 17 August 6:45pm - 7:45pm: You've been Tangoed

Manu Joseph
Monday 20 August 7:00pm - 8:00pm: Love and Humanity in the City

Preeta Samarasan
Tuesday 21 August 9:00pm - 11:00pm: Unbound South Asia

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