What is Transmedia?

Lucy Hay from Bang2Write explains...

Do you have a project to build a following for, but you're bored of crowd funding spam and authors shouting BUY MY BOOK! every five seconds on Twitter and Facebook? You're not alone … but in a sea of ideas, films, scripts, submissions, novels AND other writers, what can you do to stand out?

What if I told you the answer is transmedia --- and it's free? Transmedia is just "multi platform writing" … It's just using additional methods to get your message out. In the case of my debut YA novel, THE DECISION: LIZZIE'S STORY, I have been utilising free social media (Twitter & FB) to build an audience, as well as help teens access information & services related to the issue behind the story.

Many people groan when they hear the word, "transmedia": they believe it's something made up to "sell" yet more products and services writers don't need. But transmedia is just multi platform writing; it can empower you as a social media marketeer to reach and build your audience, even if you have very little money. In this edition of the B2W newsletter, I am putting my transmedia project LIZZIE'S DIARY under the spotlight and offering loads of tips so you can see how I did it and built an audience in a matter of weeks to support the distribution strategy of my novel.

On March 1st, 2014 I launched LIZZIE'S DIARY -- this is the backstory to the events in my novel, detailing the choices Lizzie made in falling pregnant in the first place, as well as introducing the audience to the storyworld of Winby, Exmorton and Linwood, as well as other characters who appear in the novel. You can view all 4 instalments HERE.

So if you're wondering how to stand out in a sea of projects online, then why not launch your own transmedia project?

Originally published on Bang2Write 01.04.2013