Photo credit: Stevie Finegan

Photo credit: Stevie Finegan

Icon Books has acquired THAT WAS WHEN PEOPLE STARTED TO WORRY by Nancy Tucker. Commissioning editor Kiera Jamison has acquired World English language rights from Hattie Grunewald at Blake Friedmann Literary Agency.

Nancy’s first book, THE TIME IN BETWEEN: A MEMOIR OF HUNGER AND HOPE was called ‘stylish and incisive’ by the Guardian, ‘astonishingly good’ by the Sunday Times and was praised for its nuanced understanding and honesty by Psychologist magazine and MIND. 

Based on 100+ hours’ of interviews with young women, THAT WAS WHEN PEOPLE STARTED TO WORRY explores what it’s really like to experience mental illness, and how we can all be more sensitive towards those who suffer. 

THAT WAS WHEN PEOPLE STARTED TO WORRY explores seven conditions – including anxiety, self-harm, borderline personality disorder, OCD, binge eating disorder, PTSD and dissociative identity disorder – offering a nuanced, authentic impression of what it means to suffer from each. Conversations about mental health are increasing, and the subject is experiencing a long overdue ‘moment’. However, the current landscape lacks depictions which are both vivid and sensitive; arresting and nuanced; humorous and meaningful.

Having started her writing career with an affecting memoir of her own battles with anorexia and bulimia nervosa, Tucker is keen to demystify mental illness and to and humanize its many sufferers. She says, ‘What we lack are books which combine the personal with the academic, placing stories of suffering in the context of the root of that suffering – and which do so sensitively, honestly and readably. I wanted to offer readers a unique window into the day-to-day trials of living with an unwell mind.’

Adds Jamison, ‘We are delighted to be working with Nancy again. Her observations are keen, her tone in turns humorous, sharp and poignant, and towards her subjects deeply compassionate. She pushes us all to do better in how we think, talk about and treat mental illness, particularly in young women.’

It is essential reading, not just for sufferers of mental illness and their loved ones, but for all those who come into contact with – and wish to better understand – the mentally unwell.

Icon will publish as an £14.99 Demy hardback, and as an ebook, in spring 2018.

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