THE GREATEST KNIGHT no 1 on Barnes & Noble’s ‘Nook’ ebook downloads


THE GREATEST KNIGHT by Elizabeth Chadwick, published by SourceBooks in the US, reached the number one spot on Barnes & Noble's 'Nook' downloads. As part of their 'Free Fridays' promotion, THE GREATEST KNIGHT was the most downloaded ebook on their chart.

Sourcebooks will publish Chadwick's latest novel, TO DEFY A KING, in March this year.

Praise for Elizabeth Chadwick:

'One of my favourite-ever writers of historical fiction ... an enthralling story ... filled with remarkable characters, plenty of details on both daily life and the politics of the time, and a romance that hit all of the right notes ... TO DEFY A KING is a knockout of a book...Once again, this book gets a five star rating as a cracking good story, and a big thumbs up from me. Happily recommended.' -- Epinions

'Elizabeth Chadwick is an author that never lets me down and I am happy to say that TO DEFY A KING was another wonderful read ... In each of her books there's a solid background of research that really brings to life the everyday events of the Middle Ages ... There are many reasons to pick up this book, the solid historical background, the plot that makes use of it and the engaging characters will appeal to every historical fiction lover but the truth is that her descriptions of feelings, emotions and needs with which we can identify will make this a terrific read for everyone.' -- Historical Tapestry (blog)