FEVER CITY, Tim Baker's 'stunning debut thriller' published 21st January with Blog Tour starting today!

‘…the natural successor to such hallowed crime writers as Raymond Chandler and James Ellroy.’ – Stylist Magazine

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Violent, vivid, visceral: Faber & Faber will publish FEVER CITY in the UK at the end of the week amidst a host of rave reviews. Baker will also be participating in a two-week blog tour to celebrate the release of his debut novel (dates and locations available below) And Tim will be appearing alongside fellow Faber authors Sarah Pascoe & Brix Smith Start at their Spring 2016 launch event in Clerkenwell on Thursday 20th January.

FEVER CITY is a searing counter-factual conspiracy thriller with three intertwining narratives. Nick Alston, a Los Angeles private investigator, is hired to find the kidnapped son of America's richest and most hated man; Hastings, a gun-for-hire in search of redemption, is also linked to the case. But both men soon become ensnared by a sinister cabal that spreads from the White House all the way to Dealey Plaza and the assassination on JFK. Decades later in Dallas, Alston's son stumbles across evidence from JFK conspiracy buffs that just might link his father to the shot heard round the world.

FEVER CITY is a high--octane, nightmare journey through a Mad Men-era America of dark powers, corruption and conspiracy.

Praise for Fever City:

‘Dense and complicated thriller with a fictional crime at its heart delves into the JFK assassination with walk-on parts for real-life figures from Marilyn Monroe to Richard Nixon. Half a century on from Dallas, the son of a 1960s LA private detective tries to piece it all together. An inventive take on the great American conspiracy theory...’ The Sunday Times, Crime Club Newsletter January Picks 2016

‘Sprawling, ambitious and atmospheric Fever City moves from the early Sixties to the present day via the bizarre abduction of a hated billionaire’s son, this debut author is the natural successor to such hallowed crime writers as Raymond Chandler and James Ellroy. Hard-nosed private eyes, cynical femme fatales and heartbroken hitmen jostle for space against a backdrop of some of the 20th century’s most iconic names…’—Stylist UK

'Tim Baker paints a lurid, sinister portrait of mid-century America, skilfully layering fact and fiction in a way that will forever change the way you think about the Kennedy assassination. An impressive debut.' – Peter Swanson

‘Another mighty impressive debut by a British author despite its sprawling American background and themes. Baker has the audacity to revisit the web of conspiracies surrounding the JFK assassination and despite the sterling previous contributions to the fictional subject by James Ellroy, Don De Lillo and even Stephen King, comes up trumps.’ – Maxim Jakubowski, LoveReading.com

‘Phenomenal. It's a brilliantly conceived and executed thriller that deftly combines smack-you-in-the-mouth intensity with imagery and prose to die for. It's beautifully stark, brutal when it needs to be, and thoroughly engrossing. There have been some truly great books written about the events surrounding the Kennedy assassination, and Fever City can stand with any of them.’ – Rob Reynolds, author of THE DARK INSIDE

About the author:

Born in Sydney, Australia, Tim Baker moved to Italy in his early 20s and lived in Spain before moving to Paris, where he wrote about jazz. For over 5 years he was the director of consular operations at the Australian embassy in France, supervising offices in Paris, Rabat and Algiers and liaising with international police, judicial and intelligence authorities on numerous cases involving murder, kidnap, child abduction, hostage-taking, terrorism, suicide, assault, and disappearances. Follow him on twitter.


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