TimeRiders: THE NEARLY GIRL a World Book Day eBook exclusive!


Alex Scarrow joins the ranks of World Book Day, alongside top YA writers including Patrick Ness, Josephine Angelini and Sarah Alderson, with a TimeRiders short story exclusively available on the World Book Day App. [http://www.worldbookday.com/the-world-book-day-app]

World Book Day is the world's biggest and loudest celebration of books, writers and reading. The celebration is now in its 16th year and is marked in over 100 countries. It's main aim is to encourage children to immerse themselves in books and reading. Free books, ebooks, and book tokens are key in allowing the celebration to happen unanimously and for all.

In THE NEARLY GIRL, Liam disturbs all that the Timeriders Team seek to preserve, as he uses his knowledge of the history of the future to save a stranger from her destiny. The short story is sandwiched between the events of THE DOOMSDAY CODE and THE ETERNAL WAR and offers TimeReaders a fresh and intimate insight into Liam's character.

The TimeRiders series is sold in 16 languages throughout the world. The latest book, THE PIRATE KINGS, was published in the UK by Puffin in February and the next book, THE MAYAN PROPHECY is due later this year.

 Praise for Alex Scarrow & the TimeRiders series

 'Action packed, addictive…' -- Empire of Books

'TIMERIDERS has the quintessential ingredient that makes you crave the next book and be willing to queue at midnight for it.' -- The Booklet

'Time-travelling, post-apocalyptic world and a full-fledged war, this book packs one big punch. Initially a bit slow, the book picks up pace and you just cannot put it down until you have finished reading it.' -- Nothing Geek

'Ageless in its appeal and is sci-fi at its best…Brilliant plotting, fine writing [and] an utterly intriguing premise.' -- For Winter Nights (blog)

'A bloody good read.' -- Bristol Writers Group