‘A skillfully wrought thriller that exposes the dangers of secrecy’, TWISTED RIVER is published today

TWISTED RIVER is published today IN THE US by Viking (Penguin). A compelling new ‘domestic noir’ set in Manhattan and Limerick, TWISTED RIVER tells the story of a dream holiday house-swap that goes tragically wrong. Kate and Mannix O'Brien live with their two children in a quirky house overlooking the Curragower Falls on the Shannon River in Limerick – a city where the haves and have-nots live side by side. Meanwhile, on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the Harveys own a fashionable brownstone on Riverside Drive. For their family vacations this year, they’ve both booked in for a house-swap – and it’s one they will never forget. At the novel’s start, Oscar Harvey is opening the trunk of the car his hosts have loaned him – and finds the body of a woman. From this shocking beginning the story spools back to the roots of the house swap, taking us on a gripping journey that never lets up.


‘TWISTED RIVER is a superb thriller – gripping, surprising, and terrifically rewarding.’ – Chris Pavone, author of THE EXPATS

‘Evocative and richly detailed, TWISTED RIVER is a page-turning mystery about the tragic consequences that result when the tightly held secrets of two families collide.’ – Kimberly McCreight, author of New York Times bestseller RECONSTRUCTING AMELIA and WHERE THEY FOUND HER

‘MacDonald's dark and twisted tale of American tourists caught up in recession-hit Limerick's underworld will change the way you look at Ireland forever’ – Alex Marwood, author of THE WICKED GIRLS

‘This thrilling tale about secrets that lie beneath a seemingly tranquil marriage will be a strong choice for readers who enjoyed Paula Hawkins’s The Girl on the Train and authors such as Liane Moriarty (Big Little Lies).’ – Library Journal

‘MacDonald toys with the reader, leading right then feinting left with plot twists that genuinely surprise. Infidelity, deception, revenge, and murder all come into play, but the big thrill here is the constant undermining of assumptions.’ – Kirkus Reviews

‘MacDonald gradually reveals the secrets of the two families, each with a preteen daughter and younger son, as the identity of the killer—seemingly so obvious—is brought into question, and suspense builds toward a potentially lethal climax. A skillfully wrought thriller that exposes the dangers of secrecy.’ – Booklist

‘Siobhán MacDonald's gripping novel commands your attention from the very beginning’ – InStyle

 About the author:

 Born in Cork, Siobhan studied in Galway, worked as a technical writer in Scotland for ten years, and then in France, before returning to Ireland. She lives in Limerick with her husband and two sons.

Her previous novel THE BLUE POOL was published in 2015 by Piper, in Germany to.

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