Pre-Christmas e-book release for Master of War fans - VIPER'S BLOOD out today!

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'Move over Bernard Cornwell! Historical fiction at its best' – Historical Novel Society

A pre-Christmas treat awaits fans of ‘historical fiction at its best’ as Head of Zeus delivers the ebook release of the fourth compelling instalment of David Gilman’s MASTER OF WAR series – VIPER’S BLOOD. The hardback will follow hot on its heels for release 9 Feb 2017.

The gripping series - which began with Amazon #1 bestseller MASTER OF WAR, and continued to gain plaudits with DEFIANT UNTIL DEATH and GATE OF THE DEAD - follows the adventures of Thomas Blackstone, a stonemason-turned-archer during the Hundred Years' War.

The series is sold across six countries, most recently to Rowohlt in Germany, who will release the first three titles in 2017. It is also now available in digital in the US.

Winter 1360: Edward III has invaded France at the head of the greatest English host ever assembled. But his attempt to win the French crown is futile. The Dauphin will no longer meet the English in the field and the great army is mired in costly sieges, scavenging supplies from a land ruined by decades of conflict.

Facing a stalemate – or worse – the English are forced to agree a treaty. But peace comes at a price. The French request that Blackstone escort the Dauphin’s daughter to Italy to see her married to one of the brothers who rule Milan – the same brothers who killed Blackstone’s family. Blackstone, the French are certain, will not leave Milan alive…

Alongside the MASTER OF WAR series, David’s superb standalone novel THE LAST HORSEMAN was released in August 2016 and has received rave reviews, The Times writing: 'THE LAST HORSEMAN is gripping and full of action, but is also smart and subtle about questions of loyalty and guilt in a war with few good guys.'

Praise for David Gilman’s MASTER OF WAR series
‘A thrilling, fast-moving, engaging tale, with unexpected twists, beautiful prose, excellent characterisation and dialogue, human sentiment and motivation, and graphic descriptions of war… Historical fiction at its best’. – Historical Novel Society

‘If you only read one historical debut this year, make it this one.  The prose is sharper than a bodkin arrow, the pace faster than thought and to be honest it was a book that I just couldn’t put down without being left to wonder what was next for the lead hero… A title that not only launched over a thousand arrows but I’m sure will launch David Gilman to a ravenous reading public to sate their historical fiction action needs.  Great stuff.’ – Gareth Wilson, Falcata Times

Gilman's MASTER OF WAR stands up well against its heavyweight predecessors… The writing is taut and the story fast-paced… All lovers of this type of historical fiction will enjoy MASTER OF WAR and look forward to the next instalment’. – Greg Waite, Otago Daily Times

‘A gripping chronicle of pitched battle, treachery and cruelty. Like a punch from a mailed fist, MASTER OF WAR gives a true taste of the Hundred Years War. The stench and harshness of medieval life is ever present.’ – Robert Fabbri

About David Gilman
David Gilman has had many careers, including firefighter, soldier and photographer, before turning to writing full time. He is an award-winning author and screenwriter.