IRON FIST by Andy Briggs, author of TARZAN and HERO.COM, is published by Scholastic this week. IRON FIST is the first in the INVENTORY series,  which centres around a collection of the most incredible technology the world has NEVER seen.

Hidden under a small suburban town, the Inventory contains invisible camouflage, HoverBoots, indestructible metals, and the deadly war robot Iron Fist.

Dev's uncle, Charlie Parker, is the Inventory's mild-mannered curator, with security provided by Eema, a beyond-state-of-the-art artificial intelligence system. But security is catastrophically breached when Lot and Mason from school turn up unexpectedly and, hot on their heels, a ruthless gang of thieves working for the Collector and the Shadow Helix organization.

If the thieves succeed in their goal to seize the Iron Fist, Dev, his friends, and the world are in a whole heap of trouble. 

About the author

Successful scriptwriter with scripts sold to Hollywood and in Europe, including FOREVERMAN which was commissioned by Paramount Pictures (producers: Stan Lee and Robert Evans), Andy Briggs collaborated with the Edgar Rice Burroughs Estate on young adult trilogy based on the adventures of Tarzan. HERO.COM and VILLAIN.NET are Andy's dual series of books - the series and the anti-series - which reinvent the superhero genre for a young-adult audience. Either series stands alone - but are perfect companion pieces - occasionally interweaving plot and character, and providing an exciting new take on an established genre, thrusting it into the present for the Playstation Generation.

Other books include POLYBIUS The Urban Myth – the first in a series of SpyQuest novels. Andy has also written several comics and graphic novels for Markosia, And he has been commissioned to write numerous thrillers for cinema and television.

Praise for Andy Briggs

‘Andy Briggs vision of a world with super-hero's and super-villain's is a very original one and has been very well realised. These books are superbly written, the story sets off at a high pace and never once slows down...' – Antony,

‘Tweens and younger teens who have wished for super powers will be drawn to this interesting concept, and there will be plenty of action to keep them reading.’ – Booklist

‘You like stories with fights? Chases? Explosions? Heroes? Villains? Explosions? Spectacular hideouts? Sinister master plans? Gadgets? Missiles? Awesome powers and (oh, yeah) explosions?? Then these books have got THE LOT.’ – Sam Enthoven, author of THE BLACK TATOO and TIM