DASH: Bitch of the Year launch and Daily Mail splash


Andrew Dilger's wonderful warm-hearted memoir DASH: Bitch of the Year was launched last weekend at a special evening event (sponsored by Burgess pet care!) in the same venue where Andrew and his wife married, with Dash the retired racing greyhound as the ring-bearer. Sales have been steadily climbing, with DASH in the Top 500 on Amazon this weekend after the Daily Mail featured the duo in a big spread -  including a gorgeous photo of Dash, which is sure to win even more hearts.

Click through to Andrew's blog to read more about how Dash herself handled the limelight.

You can follow news of Dash on Twitter too on @andrewdilger

German rights are sold to Weltbild, who publish later this year.


'I fell in love with 'Dash' in this thoroughly enjoyable book by Andrew Dilger. It's funny, moving and I highly recommend it. Hopefully this story will encourage more people to adopt a retired greyhound. It also highlights the wonderful work done by the Retired Greyhound Trust.' -- Twiggy Lawson

'A heart-warming thoroughly enjoyable romp - a must for all dog lovers, everyone contemplating dog ownership and everyone contemplating marriage. I loved it and now want to know what happens next!' -- Barbara Erskine

'DASH is a true romance - the entrancing story of a man's love for a woman and of how a retired racing greyhound captured both their hearts.' -- Hilary Johnson, Authors' Advisory Service

'Andrew Dilger's story is a brave and, at times, brutally honest account of what it's like to be a pet owner and how we humans often fail these beautiful animals despite the best of intentions. As a life-long fan of rescue dogs it's great to read a story that so eloquently shows what wonderful companions they can be. Yes, there are always up and downs with any pet, but Dash's story proves once again that the love you get from a rescue dog makes that up ten-fold.' -- Emma Milne, TV Vet and Author of THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND DOGS