Two more Craig Russell books optioned by Tivoli Film for ARD


Following the success of WOLFSFAHRTE, adapted from BROTHER GRIMM by screenwriter Daniel Martin Eckhart and starring Peter Lohmeyer in the title role, BLOOD EAGLE and ETERNAL will be produced for the German television network.

Both titles are taken from the enormously popular series of crime novels featuring murder squad policeman Jan Fabel, which are bestsellers in Germany and published in over 20 languages. Craig is a former police officer who has viewed a murder scene, interviewed murderers, seen the inside of prisons and knows how police officers interact with each other and the public. Shortlisted by the Crime Writer's Association for the 2007 Duncan Lawrie Dagger. Shortlisted for crime writing awards in France and Germany. Recipient of the highly prestigious Polizeistern - the Police Star - presented by the Chief of Police and the Hamburg government's Interior Minister.

BLOOD EAGLE is the first book in the series. Someone is carrying out a sequence of particularly gruesome murders in contemporary Hamburg, styled in the same manner as the ancient Viking 'Blood Eagle' sacrifices: a living victim is dismembered by tearing out their lungs and spreading them in the shape of an eagle so that the sacrifice's spirit could fly to Odin. When the German secret police seem to be involved, Fabel finds a number of influential figures begin to be linked to the murders. Will he be able to reveal the truth or will those with something to hide succeed in silencing him?

The suspense continues in ETERNAL when two high profile victims, a former left-wing radical turned environmental campaigner and a geneticist researching the possibility of inherited memory, are found murdered: both have been scalped. Forensic tests reveal that single red hairs at each scene belong to neither victim, but were from the same head - 20 years earlier. The victims' pasts begin to emerge, but Fabel and his team are working against the clock, caught in a web of intrigue, obsession and revenge that seems to span 16 centuries. He must discover the crucial link between an ancient mummified body, a long-disbanded terrorist group and a killer who believes he is reincarnated to exact revenge on those who betrayed him in a previous life.

Daniel Martin Eckhart will once again write the screenplay.