HEAP HOUSE’S Clod interns at Hot Key

Clod, hero of Edward Carey’s IREMONGER trilogy, has begun an internship at Hot Key Books. He has made friends with the Hot Key team, who have treated him to Hot Cross Buns, and his duties include feeding Nigel McDowell the shredder and making tea with Joe Dulcie the Kettle. You can read Clod’s blog about his internship here.

Every member of the Iremonger family in HEAP HOUSE by Edward Carey gets a birth object that they will keep with them their entire life. And Clod is the only one who can hear them say their name. If you are interested in finding out what your own birth object would be, you can use Hot Key’s Birth Object Randomiser.

HEAP HOUSE is published by Hot Key in beautiful hardback complete with illustrations by Edward himself. It  will appeal to fans of Neil Gaiman, Roald Dahl and Mervyn Peake, young and old alike.

Novelist, visual artist and playwright Edward Carey is the author of two acclaimed novels, published in many countries around the world. OBSERVATORY MANSIONS was shortlisted for the Borders Discover New Writers Award and ALVA AND IRVA was longlisted for the 2005 IMPAC Literary Award. Both were accompanied by artworks by the author.

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