HERO.COM 4: CHAOS EFFECT and VILLAIN.NET 4: COLLISION COURSE long-listed for Southampton's Favourite Book Award 2011


The latest instalments in Andy Brigg's HERO.COM and VILLAIN.NET series' have made it on the long-list of the Southampton's Favourite Book Award 2011 in the ten to twelve year old category. This list was compiled by recommendations from children in schools across Southampton and by the Schools and Children's Librarians.    

The main aim of this award is to encourage children in Southampton to recommend their favourite reads first published in 2010 by British Authors. The children will now be involved in reading these titles and voting for their favourite. The top five titles will become the shortlist which will be announced on Monday 1st June 2011.


'Tweens and younger teens who have wished for super powers will be drawn to this interesting concept, and there will be plenty of action to keep them reading.' -- Booklist

'Any Briggs vision of a world with super-hero's and super-villain's is a very original one and has been very well realised. These books are superbly written, the story sets off at a high pace and never once slows down...I have been well and truly hooked on this novel from start to finish, it is so close to being a super-villain film in book form, I personally cannot wait till the next volume and highly reccomend this book.' -- Antony, ScienceFictionandfantasy.co.uk

'My eloquent 13 year-old son, an avid reader, just cannot get enough of these books. They are exciting, stimulating and hold his attention even if I put his favourite dinner under his nose!! He would rather re-read all the books by Andy Briggs while he waits for the next book to be published than waste his time with other less able writers' efforts...' -- Amazon Review