‘The preeminent living historical naval fiction writer on either side of the Atlantic.’ – George Jepson, Quartedeck

Sir Thomas Kydd once again takes to the seas in PERSEPHONE, the eighteenth novel in Julian Stockwin's KYDD series, to be published by Hodder & Stoughton in hardback on 18 May 2017 and will be released alongside the paperback version of INFERNO, the seventeenth novel in the series.

Julian will be signing copies of these two books at several events around the UK.

With heart-pounding action, and astonishing historical accuracy, the critically acclaimed series has been published in seven countries including France, Japan and Russia.

PERSEPHONE. November 1807. Captain Sir Thomas Kydd must sail to Lisbon to aid the Portuguese Royal Family’s evacuation in the face of Napoleon’s ruthless advance through Iberia. In the chaos of the threatened city an old passion is reawakened when he meets Persephone Lockwood, a beautiful and determined admiral’s daughter from his past. However, Kydd soon becomes aware that Persephone has another suitor and he decides to throw himself into the only thing that still matters: The Royal Navy.

INFERNO. 1807. Captain Sir Thomas Kydd has salvaged the remains of his reputation and is the hero of the hour aboard the Tyger once more. The British Navy is still imperious at sea however Napoleon Bonaparte is steadily dominating mainland Europe. In an attempt to prevent the French from taking control of Denmark's navy, Kydd's great friend Nicholas Renzi - now Lord Farndon - is sent on a desperate diplomatic mission to persuade the Danes to give up their fleet to Britain. But the Danes are caught between two implacable forces and will not yield, opting instead for the inferno of battle.

About the Author

At 14 Stockwin joined a tough sea-training school, followed by the Royal Navy, transferring to the Royal Australian Navy when his family emigrated. He saw active service in the Far East, the Antarctic, the South Seas and Vietnam, and was on board the Melbourne at the time of its disastrous peace time collision with the Voyager. Later he worked for NATO on the strategic development of merchant shipping.

He is also the author of the MOMENTS IN HISTORY series (UK, Allison & Busby) - gripping historical fiction which examines and re-imagines turning points of the past. THE POWDER OF DEATH, the second book in the series, tells the story of the re-discovery of gunpowder, after an envoy to China and an English scholar vow to take the deadly secret to their graves. When Edward III uses it to his advantage at the Battle of Crecy, the first full-scale battle at which guns are deployed in the field, the nature of warfare is changed forever.

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Praise for Julian Stockwin and the KYDD series

‘I was soon turning over the pages almost indecently fast’ – The Independent

‘His vantage point of a common sailor gives the nautical novel a fresh twist. In [Stockwin’s] hands … the sea story will continue to entrance readers across the world.’ — The Guardian

 ‘As a historical fiction writer you have to keep your history in proper shape while combining it with a narrative that someone actually wants to read. Score two out of two for Julian Stockwin...It is engrossing.’ – The Daily Mail

'Stockwin’s eye for authentic detail is faultless.’ — Pennant

‘From the very first novel KYDD Stockwin climbed the dizzy heights of the bestseller lists and has stayed there ever since.’ – Craig Cabell, Book Collector and Magazine

'Stockwin writes brilliantly, bringing wonderful characters to life in a wholly realistic setting exploring history and times in thoroughly researched detail.’ — Alan Eggleston, Booksville