Andy Briggs writes pilot for THE DRAKE EQUATION


Andy Briggs’ latest project THE DRAKE EQUATION, a conspiracy thriller with ‘groundbreaking interactive elements’, is being developed by Sonar Entertainment, Pure Grass Films, Connect Ventures and transmedia development company PlayThisNext to bring about this reinvention of the alien invasion genre.

Andy has written the show's pilot, and the show will air simultaneously with a real-time digital narrative, accessible through social media and interactive online gaming. Viewers will be able to access additional content such as found footage, time-sensitive clues and covert files in order to join in this immersive thriller experience.

Recently, Andy’s $12m monster movie LEGENDARY has finished shooting and the third of his rebooted TARZAN novels, TARZAN: SAVAGE LANDS, was published in February. His television credits include GHOST TOWN and DARK RELIC.

THE DRAKE EQUATION explores the effects of a mysterious signal from outer space. In order to prevent a breakdown of law and order, the world's governments create a Space Intelligence Agency to cover up news of the signal. The cover-up causes observatories and scientific institutions to shut down, as a campaign of subterfuge and disinformation is launched. However, word leaks out, and a number of people take matters into their own hands, including a mid-level government agent who allies himself with discredited scientists and hackers in order to save the world.