TARZAN: a must-read this summer

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Andy Briggs' chart-topping children's thriller TARZAN: THE GREYSTOKE LEGACY has been placed in the Booktrust's Summer Reads top 20 list of books that mustn't be missed now that school's out!

The reworking by Briggs will have Tarzan as far 'edgier and more feral' than the original, and deeply concerned about the destruction of his environment in the Democratic Republic of Congo. His Jane is also decidedly modern - her father, Archie and his friend Phil, who in Burroughs' version are a couple of amiable academics are now involved in illegal logging. Jane hates what her father is doing and she and Tarzan plot to stop it.

Praise for TARZAN:

‘Wow! All the things I loved about the original Tarzan books rebooted for modern-day Africa, with a plot that will whisk you off your feet and swing you through the trees at breakneck speed.’ -- Roderick Gordon, author of TUNNELS

‘Tarzan is back with a bloodcurdling roar! An epic re-book of the classic series.’ -- Eoin Colfer, author of ARTEMIS FOWL

‘CRACKING jungle adventure with the one and only, all- time best eco-warrior, Tarzan.’ -- MG Harris, author of THE JOSHUA FILES

‘A white-knuckle adventure worthy of Burroughs at his best. Andy Briggs’ Tarzan is a stunning achievement.’ -- William Hussey, author of WITCHFINDER