THE CRYSTAL RUN by Sheila O’Flanagan published tomorrow by Hodder Children’s

The first Young Adult novel by bestselling women’s fiction novelist Sheila O’Flanagan will be published tomorrow by Hodder Children’s. THE CRYSTAL RUN will be published in a stunning hardback edition, the only hardback debut from Hodder Children’s in 2016.

Frantic to escape from danger, Joe is transported to another world where he is plunged into the training regime of the Runners. Their mission is to protect the shield which keeps the Carcassians safe from their enemy. When he is paired with Kaia on her run, he realises how much is at stake. A Runner’s destiny is death, but he can’t let Kaia die. As they fight to escape, Joe needs to find a way to save them both...

Sheila is an ex-bond dealer and financial journalist whose novels have all been immediate No. 1 Irish bestsellers. Her books have been described as ‘as necessary to women as chocolate, and just as addictive!’ Her last three novels have sold in excess of 1,000,000 copies in their British editions. She was the recipient of the prestigious Irish Tatler Literary Woman of the Year award in 2003. With each publication, she breaks her record of weeks at No. 1. Her 25th book for Headline, THE MISSING WIFE, is published in hardback in June. She is currently writing two more adult books for Headline and a follow up to THE CRYSTAL RUN for Hodder Children’s.