STEEL MOON now in preproduction

Briggs, Andy - website.JPG

Andy Briggs has recently finished work as the lead writer on STEEL MOON, a science fiction film to be directed by Jon Wright.

The film will be produced by Arvin Ethan David and Cavan Ash for Slingshot Productions and Piers Tempest for Salt, and will now enter preproduction.

The film is set on the world's first space hotel, a 7-star resort orbiting the Earth that promises a stay of unrivalled luxury and incomparable views. It is blissfully unique in its ethereal isolation. But when an ancient lupine bane is brought aboard, the small band of occupants face a desperate struggle for survival as a werewolf stalks the moonlit corridors. Their isolation soon becomes a prison...

STEEL MOON places the traditional werewolf myth within the stunning futuristic setting of an orbital hotel to create a claustrophobic, stylish and visceral horror in the vein of Alien or The Thing.

The film is anticipated for release in 2013 and will shoot in the UK and Canada.